Should I do anything after an interview for a job in Malta? Yes!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Congratulations! You had the job interview and you might be on your way to a career in Malta or beyond! Now, your work is done, right? No. Wrong.

In today’s hypercompetitive job market, especially in Malta, effective follow-up after the interview is a must, and failing to do it well might cause you to lose out to another candidate.

The line between being persistent and being a pain, however, is blurry and grey at best. So to help you sort things out, we have sent a query to our colleagues in the careers world — recruiters, career coaches, hiring managers, HR Managers and CEO’s — asking for their best follow-up advice.

We received more than 60 responses on topics ranging from thank you notes to handling rejection. Here’s a summary of their 10 best tips:

The Thank-You Note

On this point, everyone agreed: A thank-you note is a must. Most of the pros recommended you send one via email within 24 hours of the interview. Several suggested a handwritten card as a supplement when a personal or creative touch might be especially valued.

 But if you really want to stand out, you need to do more than just say “thanks for your time.” The experts suggested these techniques to make your thank-you note shine:

 Reference an article of interest. Include in the note a relevant article, link or book recommendation relating to a topic that was discussed during the interview. It’s a value-add for the interviewer and will reinforce your industry expertise.

Include supporting documentation that illustrates your ability to do the job. You don’t want to overwhelm the interviewer, but adding one or two carefully-curated examples of your work (non-confidential work samples, press mentions, etc.) can be a smart way to show off your expertise.

 Provide a follow-up response to one of the key interview questions. Ever draw a blank or give a less than stellar response during a job interview? Use your note to modify, correct or amplify one of your responses.

Hope you get the job that you always wanted! Team